Finding her Way to The Choice, Inc.

Erin Way.
American College of Cardiology.
Website Associate.

Growing up, Erin adored Fozzy Bear. She dreamed one day of becoming a stand-up comedian. From spending just an hour with Erin, it was apparent that her bubbly, carefree demeanor would make her perfect for a role on stage. For now, Erin enjoys her new behind the curtain position at American College of Cardiology as a website coordinator.

In 2007, Erin moved to Washington D.C. after finishing up her Master’s in Political Communications from Leeds University in the UK. Being new to D.C. and looking for job prospects, Erin did, as we find many of our associates do; she signed up with a multitude of temp agencies in the area. Most felt like factories, ushering candidates in and out the door. Recruiters screened applicants as if they had dollar signs floating above their heads.

At The Choice, Inc., recruiters responded with a genuine interest. They took the time to sit one-on-one and to learn exactly what she was looking for. The team actively reached out with open positions that would fit Erin’s skill set and interest. The feedback was honest, and of value to Erin. The office felt comfortable, and welcoming. Erin was able meet the whole team, including Cheryl, the company’s president. “The Choice was different,” Erin said smiling, “I remember receiving a congratulations card in the mail just days after I was hired at ACC.” There was a personal touch that only comes with a small, women owned, boutique staffing firm.

In working with The Choice, Inc. Erin was first placed in an administrative temp role for six months. Erin accepted the temp position and looked at it as a wonderful way to build her skill set. After working hard, Erin was then hired by the company. She went on to work for them for eight years in a Marketing and Media Relations role. Erin put in her time, and after eight years, she decided to pursue other opportunities. In thinking about the daunting job search, Erin found her way back to The Choice again. Her experience had been pleasant, and she knew that the recruiting team would be more than happy to help place her once more.

The second time around, Erin worked as a temp at American College of Cardiology. This position lasted for three months before Erin was hired full-time as a website associate. Through her positive temp experience with ACC, Erin was sold on the organization. She loved the progressive nature, the causal work attire, and working as part of a team. American College of Cardiology is focused on improving the care of our cardiovascular system. ACC strives to achieve their mission through education, research, and healthcare policy. In talking with Erin, we learned that this health organization deeply cares about their employees’ well-being. Work life balance is a priority. On site fitness classes and seminars also help to improve personal health. It’s truly a wonderful place to spend a work week. Each day, Erin has a chance to turn new journal articles into online content, build newsletters, and make sure the website is update by filling requests through a ticketing system. This position challenges her in the best ways. She enjoys the pace of the work. She is able to learn something new every week and apply it right away.

Erin’s best advice for others continuing their job search is “be open to trying new things, get excited, say yes.” Erin applies this advice to her personal life, as well. On the weekends, Erin can be found at the 9:30 Club or seen scooting around DC on her Vespa. Erin also dedicates her time to the Vermont State Society, a social group for Washington, DC area residents who have an affinity for Vermont.

Stories like Erin’s make our days at The Choice, Inc. meaningful. Whether you’re looking for a short temp assignment, a temp to hire position, or even if you’ve worked with us eight years ago, we’re happy to help.

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