Meet Allison.

Meet Allison.
Senior Recruiter.

Allison is a Maryland native. She graduated from the College of Charleston with a background in business administration and hospitality management in 2013. After initially starting in Human Resources at The Choice, she has provided recruiting support to the team for the last three years. Allison is a seasoned recruiter, who thrives at connecting associates with positions that complement their experience, skill set, and interests.

What three things do you need to do to be successful in your role as a recruiter?

I think the three most important things are knowing the clients we work with, knowing the candidates that we consider, and the having the ability to collaborate as a team.

Our team really takes the time to understand each request that we get. We want to know exactly what our clients are looking for. But we also take the time to learn exactly what our candidates are looking for. I think that makes us successful in placing people in a variety of positions. I think we are very skilled “match makers.”

We’re also unique because we work on positions together. To be a successful recruiter, I rely on my colleagues at The Choice.

What do you like most about working for The Choice, Inc?

I love the type of organizations that we work with. Unfortunately, I don’t have a degree in Sustainability/Conversation/Biology, but I love that I can help place people at the World Wildlife Fund, for example, that will help make a difference in that field. Our associates are working for think tanks, museums, and government agencies, I really enjoy helping to facilitate that.

Favorite online shopping site? Why?

I am not sure I can pick just one.

What’s your ideal day?

A day with warm weather and friends/family.

What would people who know you well say you are good at?

Spending too much money at Whole Foods

Where are you dying to travel to?

I have a lot of the world left to see but definitely Asia, South America, and Iceland.

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