Meet London.

Meet London.
HR Coordinator.

London is the friendly face that will greet you when you when you first arrive at our office. He’ll help walk you through the paperwork, no matter how many questions you may have. And he’ll always have a funny anecdote to offer up. London handles all Human Resources duties for The Choice, including assisting all of our associates in matters of payroll, timekeeping, and benefits.

What three things do you need to do to be successful in your role as a HR coordinator?

I think the three necessary things are the ability to multitask, taking and applying feedback to your work, and just being empathetic to the needs of clients and associates.

What do you like most about working for The Choice, Inc?

My favorite thing about working at The Choice would be the team environment. It’s more like working with a group of friends than a group of coworkers. Everyone helps each other out and we just generally have fun.

Which super power would you like to have?

After extensive research (because I read a ton of comic books), I think I would want super speed because I’d be able to get all the business out the way early and use all my time for the leisurely activities.

Favorite burger spot in DC? Fries?

Favorite burger place in DC right now is Tasty Burger. I feel like it’s the best hands down but I try new burgers wherever I can find them. My favorite fries are a tie between Bojangles and Burrito Brothers.

How would your friends describe you?

I think my friends would see me as a funny and easygoing guy. I just try and go with the flow and “get in where I fit in.”

If you were stranded on a deserted island, what five things would you want with you?

I’m assuming that electronic devices are excluded because there’s no power, so I would go with a sketchbook, a pencil, a pencil sharpener, a barbecue pit, and a pillow. That way I can relax with some art, can grill any meat I can catch, and sleeping on the sand won’t be too bad.

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