Leadership Placement

Our approach to Leadership Placement is the essence of our corporate service approach, where quality takes on a new meaning. Our senior staff, totaling over 50 years of experience, personally lead every executive search and we limit such engagements to three a quarter. This policy is designed to facilitate care for both the search and the individual candidates.

Service Details

Because we are fortunate to work with top-tier clients, attracting applicants is not a challenge. The true test of our team’s abilities comes in managing active candidates in a confidential and supportive way. We have found that top candidates do not want to feel that they are in competition and will be sensitive to any public disclosure of their candidacies. These candidates will require constant contact and engagement throughout the process: This is the area where our team has demonstrated they bring unique value to the recruiting effort.
The biggest lesson-learned we impart to new team members is frustratingly simply, and universally true: No two searches are the same. From managing boards and defining position descriptions, to working with candidate evaluation teams for evaluation, we make every effort to profile with due-diligence, interview staff to elucidate requirements, recruit carefully and selectively, and vet thoroughly. Nonetheless, there is a point of clarity that only clients can define. We call these the “essential intangibles” of the leader. The good news is that once we pin these “essential intangibles” down, we take ownership of them. Communication, thusly, is the most essential ingredient of the search process.
As a company, we take great pride in our engagement in the D.C. sphere with our non-profit, commercial and government clients. Our leadership searches parallel these practice areas directly and reflect our existing client profiles. We specialize in working with veteran executives who are looking to effect change in a non-profits or government public service organizations. We are proud to have engaged with a diversity of corporate cultures, and do so with a simple goal: To facilitate the enhancement their organizations at the highest levels.