The Citizen Leadership Institute

Since it’s inception, The Choice has built business around developing and maintaining relationships. Starting in 2010, our President Drew Hudson launched a formal initiative to ingrain that process. The Citizen Leadership Institute (CLI) was born out of a desire to ensure that The Choice not only engage in the career of its associates, but also provided the resources to younger candidates in particular to aid as they launch their careers in D.C.

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Mission Statement

The Choice Inc.’s Citizen Leadership Institute’s mission is to afford engaged Citizen Leaders a forum in which they can further develop their leadership skills. The Choice Inc.’s Citizen Leadership Institute facilitates this development in an environment which fosters:

  • Principled compromise and intellectual debate
  • Shared opportunities, responsibility and prosperity
  • A high regard for experience and a high value of competition
  • An appreciation of sustainable solutions through overcoming “short-termism”
  • A collaborative approach to respective mission attainment through synergy, partnership, diversity and humility