About Us

Who_We_AreThe Choice is a women owned company that has met the human capital needs of our clients in the Washington, DC Metropolitan Region since 1983.

The Choice values citizen leaders with a proven work ethic. This talent drives our quality. Quality drives our success.

The Choice’s focus on building our talent’s career brands over 30 years has fueled our leadership placement services in the non-profit sector through the Washington-Baltimore-Annapolis region.

Measures of Success

We celebrate hard work. Our recruiters focus on Citizen Leadership traits that portray proven engagement in our communities beyond simply making the grade.
We recruit talent who have proven themselves multi-dimensional. Talent eager to engage in organizational missions and prove themselves a value add in today’s hypercompetitive marketplace.
Dynamism and entrepreneurship guide our practices, but The Choice was built on a long game. We engage in relationships for the long term, and our rich corporate history proves it.
The Choice started in an era of carbon paper and Wite-Out. We take pride in our ability to adapt and thrive. We engage in our talent and take pride in the further development of their skills and leadership traits.
We guide, build, create, define, establish, and foster organizational success for all types of organizations and people. Our talent and clients have driven our corporate capabilities for over three decades. We look forward to many more decades of delivering diverse, quality, and valued service.